Classic JDM Legend

Posted by Hwjchim Vang on

A long time customer of ours and a great friend.  The owner of this Mazda RX7 purchased this vehicle all stock from the original owner with only 30k miles on it.  Such a beautiful car with a timeless design.  Japanese vehicles from the 90's were truly master pieces, especially the twin turbo sports cars of that era.  We were inspired to design an awesome shirt after seeing this beast too.  Shirts and hoodies can be seen here:

Although we didn't assist in locating the suspension and aero parts this RX7 is lowered on Fortune Auto coilovers with a front lip, side splitters, and a rear diffuser.  We did help in getting the first set of wheels on this beast.  The owner went with a great wheel, the Work Meister S1 R.  The Work Meister S1 R is similar to the Work Meister S1 3 Piece in design.  The difference is the Work Meister S1 R is a 2 piece welded wheel which gives it a cleaner look, no rivets, and makes it lighter.  The specs for these wheels were 18x9 and 18x10 in Work Wheel's Feinheit Silver II finish.  

About a couple years later the owner decided to change up the look of his FD3S RX7 and purchased new wheels.  We also assisted him acquiring his next set of wheels, Volk Racing TE37SL.  These Volk Racing TE37SL wheels are even lighter than the Work Meister S1 R's they are now a fully forged 1 piece wheel.  The TE37SL wheels are really considered race wheels as they are one of the lightest wheels on the market.  Also they do not come with center caps so that you can quickly unbolt the axle bolt if needed in the race pit.  These new Volk Racing TE37SL were purchased in a more aggressive 18x9.5 and 18x10.5 size in Volk Racing's Pressed Graphite finish.

Honestly we don't think you could go wrong with either wheel.  Both are high quality wheels with timeless designs for a timeless JDM legend sports car.  We look forward to see what comes next for this vehicle.  Regardless if we assist in supplying the parts to this customer or not we are just as passionate about cars as the enthusiast is.  That is where we started, modding cars in our garage, and now trying to turn that passion into a career.  Happy Modding!