Dream Wheels

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Every car guy has their ideal dream wheel.  Whether if it's multi-piece, monoblock, concave, deep lip, or 100% track purpose everyone has their dream wheel in mind.  What is your set of dream wheels?

As my previous blogs have mentioned I've owned multiple sets of wheels (SSR, Advan Racing, Works, OZ Racing, IForged, HRE, Rays, Kansei, etc..) but I've always had my dream wheels that I would purchase one day.  Those wheels for me would be the Work Meister S1 3 piece wheels.  I've always loved the traditional 5 star designed wheels and I also love multi-piece wheels with a deep lip.  With the Work Meister S1 wheels I get the best of everything, a 5 star multi-piece wheel with a deep lip.  These are pretty similar to the SSR Professor SP1 wheels but with a more convex curve to the center design to help clear big brake kits (BBK) while retaining a deep lip.  Also having these be somewhat period correct for the Supra would be a bonus.  What year did the Work Meister wheels get released anyways?

Mid 2019 I knew I wanted to finally make the jump and purchase a set of these wheels.  To be honest these wheels were a bit out of my budget so I started by checking forums and Facebook groups for a used set.  By this time I knew what sizes and offsets I would want from experimenting with my previous wheels.  I wanted an aggressive stance but not where I would have to run tires that were more narrow than factory. 

After a few months of searching I couldn't find any used sets that fit my needs.  I wanted 19x9.5 in front and 19x10.5 in rear with a mild aggressive offset, +25 front and +30 rear.  I knew with this option I wouldn't be able to run wide tires front and rear but my car isn't all that powerful anyways.  It's pretty much stock so I just wanted to increase the contact patch by maybe 1 to 2 sizes.  I'll probably end up running a 245/35 front tire and 275/30 rear tire size.  Any larger like a 255 or 265 front and 305 rear would just be overkill for me.  Turning tires that large will probably slow my car down anyways and also add unnecessary weight.  

In the end I ended up ordering a new set since used sets were already $2000+ depending on condition and size.  Most used wheels would need to be refinished or cleaned professionally anyways adding to the cost.  Accounting for those costs I figured if I'm already going in more than a couple grand I might as well get new and get what I want.  I always assumed you could order these wheels in any spec you wanted but I was wrong.  There are many variables that come into play, offset, disk size, and width being the main contributors.  I ended up with 19x9.5 +23 R disk in front and 19x10.5 +36 O disk in rear in silver anodized with polished lips.  The fronts being 2mm more aggressive wasn't a big dea and the rears being 6mm less aggressive also wasn't a big deal.  That just meant I could run a wider tire in back in the future if I wanted, if not I could put on a small 5mm spacer to flush the look.  One thing I definitely didn't want was tire rubbing.  I wanted to be able to corner as hard as I could without having to worry about tires rubbing.  I don't track or race my car but I love cruising the back roads and do spirited driving.  I've owned vehicles where taking a cloverleaf turn too hard would cause rubbing and that was no fun.  

I placed my order with a 12-14 week build time and that put my expected arrival time of the wheels right around Christmas.  I felt like a kid again waiting for Christmas to get that special gift that you always wanted.  I hope I was being good during the year and the wheels would arrive with no complications.  I must have been good as the wheels arrived a couple weeks early!  I set them under the Christmas tree and waited for the holidays before opening them.  The wheels were everything I expected and more!  It was a dream come true.  Since the wheels were new I decided to get them coated with some kind of protective sealant.  I've been seeing a lot of buzz around ceramic coating so I purchased a small over the counter bottle.  I followed some DIY steps on YouTube and got the wheels coated. 

And there you have it!  That's how I acquired my dream set of JDM hot boi legit dori dori stance wheels.  LOL!  Weird how after purchasing my wheels new deals are now popping up on used sets.  Maybe I just have a case of buyer's remorse.  Either way now I just need to buy tires and get them mounted.  It's still pretty early in the season so I still have some time to decide on tire brands and style.  Right now I'm leaning more towards the Michelin Pilot Super Sports as I've used them in the past and they worked great.  Once I get the wheels on the car I'll post updated pictures.

Thank you for reading and happy modding!  Don't forget to check out some wheel inspired apparel here: JDMMerch.com