Tanabe Sustec Pro S-0C Coilovers Lexus GS300/400 98-05


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1998-2005 Lexus GS300 GS300 1998-2005
Tanabe SUSTEC PRO SERIES adjustable coilover suspensions offer the finest range of performance and comfort for the motoring enthusiast. Unique on Sustec Pro suspensions, the internal valving of each suspension is tuned for a wide variety of driving needs. Extremely high performance and comfort can co-exist with Sustec Pro, and unnecessary adjustments are eliminated for quick, simple use, where each tuned setting can noticeably change the cars personality. Sustec Pro S-0C is for those who desire both high performance and maximum comfort from a suspension system. S-0C is ideal for performance and street applications. Dispelling a popular belief that a firm or harsh ride is a sign of a performance suspension, the short stroke, shortened case dampener of the S-0C is extremely unique in that its internal construction allows it to deliver superior handling without sacrificing strength of ride comfort. Unique double-cylinder design allows for full suspension stroke within the shortened shock body while low-pressue gasses ensure smooth rebound characteristics for additional ride comfort. Competition Spec PRO210 Race Springs The PRO210 Race Spring features highly tuned spring rates. PRO210 was developed for extreme durability and balance. This spring has the highest tensile strength available due to Tanabes patented manufacturing process. For professional suspension tuners, custom rates and sizes are available. Short Stroke, Sport-Tuned Internal Valving Short stroke and shortened case of the S-0C dampener allows for the vehicle to be lowered aggressively, without compromising suspension stroke or comfort. Valving is specially tuned for excellent handling characteristics during sport driving, while allowing for very high levels of comfort during normal driving. The fixed-rate dampener uses a perfect internal setting, so external adjustment is not necessary on this model. Low Pressure, Dual Chamber Design Not all dual chamber dampeners are created alike. The S-0C features a unique, highly advanced dual chamber design that ensures maximum durability and endurance. Low pressure gasses allow extremely smooth rebound characteristics. S-0C is highly unique in that performance, durability and comfort can co-exist. Helper Springs Helper Springs assist with rebound stability, ride comfort and keep the main coil spring seated. Preload of the main spring can also be set to zero, for maximum comfort and suspension travel. Durable Spring Seat & Lock Nut Constructed of forged aluminum, longetivity and superior strength is ensured. Additionally, the threaded portion of the casing is chemically treated to resist rust and corrosion. Maximum Lowering Distance: 1 1/2 inches Front / 1 1/2 inches Rear Spring Rates: 14.0 kg/mm Front / 12.0 kg/mm Rear Features:Rear Mounts Included Competition Spec PRO210 Springs Sport-Tuned Internal Valving Unique Dual-Chamber Design Forged Aluminum Spring Seats Helper Springs Included 1 Year Warranty Proposition 65 WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm https://www.P65Warnings.ca.gov
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